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Choosing an online college: Ten Mistakes to Avoid
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1. Dont be lazy. Investigate and request information from several online colleges.

2. Dont eliminate an online college or university just because it is not an institution whose name you recognize.

3. Dont be afraid to ask questions. In fact, put together a list of questions before talking with admissions representatives.

4. Dont rule out a college immediately because of cost. Financial aid, credit for life experience, scholarships, and tuition payment plans may make a college
     or university far more affordable than it appears to be.

5. Dont blow off any admissions representatives who may call you. Take advantage of the opportunity they offer you to learn more about their online degree

6. Dont trust your memory. Take good notes when you read college brochures and speak with admissions representatives.

7. Do not be discouraged or intimidated by financial aid forms. Most online colleges have staff members who will be happy to help you.

8. Do not settle on the first seemingly appropriate online degree program you discover. For instance, a general business program might not serve you as well
    as a program with a focus in accounting, marketing, management, etc. Conversely, a more general, broadly based degree program in business may better
     meet your needs.

9. Dont keep your interest in continuing your education a secret. If you talk to friends, family members, and colleagues they can share their experiences and
     offer you important encouragement and support.

10.   Dont be intimidated by returning to school. The fact is, if you have good basic academic and time management skills, if you are motivated, and if you
      have the support of your closest family members and friends, your chances of achieving your degree (and career) goals are high.
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