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Why guess which online colleges are best?
Hundreds of websites list online colleges and online degrees, but we are the only site which ranks them. On this page you will find number 11 through number 20 of our top twenty (20) rated colleges.

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Now that you have checked out and requested information about some of the top ten rated online colleges, it�s time for you to learn about the next ten. Remember, any college ranking system is imperfect and every student�s needs are different. Some students need a degree from a well known college or university to advance in their job or career, for others a degree from a less well know college is as valuable as an Ivy League degree. Some students may need to carefully consider tuition costs and look for the cheapest colleges or colleges offering the most financial aid; others may have employee or military education benefits and be totally unconcerned with finding a college or university with low tuition.

If you are in a hurry to earn a degree, you might want to focus on colleges featuring online degree programs with accelerated options, or you may seek a degree program that allows you to proceed at a more leisurely rate. And, if you have significant college credit, military training, and/or applicable life experience, you will probably want to focus on colleges and universities most willing to give you academic credit for what you have already done.

In other words, there are no �best twenty (20) online colleges and universities� or �top twenty (20) online degrees� for everyone.

We�re giving you what we think are the overall best online colleges and universities, but only you can decide which might be best for you. To do that, we suggest that you carefully consider the following institutions (best online colleges 11-20).
More of the top twenty (20) online college and universities:
Online College # 11
Online College #11 would have been in the top ten if it offered both online bachelors and masters degrees, but it offers only online masters programs. However, the masters degree programs are all excellent, and some, including diplomacy, nursing administration, and engineering, are fairly unique in online education.
Online College # 12
You might not recognize the name of this university, but it is well worth considering. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and by the Distance Education and Training Council. The university has a "learn by doing" focus, and offers an exceptionally wide variety of online education programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Online College # 13
This private university, founded in 1878, offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees via online education
Online College # 14
Online University #14 is another easy choice. It was one of the very first accredited universities to offer distance education and external degrees. The only online degrees offered are masters degrees in education (with four different areas of concentration), so skip them if that not your area of interest, but be sure to learn more if it is.
Online College # 15
Online University #15 probably awards more MBA degrees online than any other college or university in the United States. And, as you might guess, it offers a very wide variety of concentrations in the business areas. Because so many students choose it, because you can study almost any business-related subject, and because this institution devotes all of its focus to offering degrees in business, if you are interested in business it should be on your �short list�.
Online College # 16
This university is an acknowledged leader in online education as a result of the quality and variety of their online degree offerings. Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the University offers an associate degree in general studies, 49 certificates, bachelors degrees, and masters degree in business, 32 online graduate and undergraduate programs in information systems and technology, 2 online education masters degree programs in education, 2 masters degrees in health services administration, and 10 online education programs in the social science and criminal justice field.
Online College # 17
Online College #17 is a strongly career focused university which has been educating students, on campus or online, for more than thirty-five (35) years. A wide variety of associate, bachelors, and masters degrees are available, and one of the strengths of this institution is that students have easy access to their online instructors and classmates.
Online College #18 costs less than half what some online colleges and universities charge, but that is not the only reason it made our top colleges and universities list. You�ll find cheap tuition here, but you�ll also like the many associates, bachelors, and masters level programs offered, including an unusual program or two in majors like web development.
Online College # 18
This small, well regarded New England college has online degree offerings which include MBA programs with 7 areas of concentration, masters degrees in public policy and nonprofit management, and bachelors and masters degrees in healthcare management.
Online College # 19
Online College # 20
There are a lot of reasons this university made the top twenty list. One is the amazing number of online degree programs it offers. Everyone considering online education should check out this North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accredited institution.
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